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IMAGINATION – Funny Moments

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  1. Watched this video so many times, still laughing at the Homers 😂😂

  2. At 2:12, my video was doing the loading thing but since the board is white it made it seem like there was a extremely long pause

  3. Mr Simpson you got… Two months left to live.

  4. OMG the Attack on Titan intro I Fucking love u

  5. My history drew Homer Simpson and immediately started talking about Canada.

    What do I do?

  6. Anyone know the name of anime song used on the beginning?

  7. The best in this video for me was imagination and nintendo switch

  8. It's a Nintendo Switch LOL

    M O T H E R F K E R

  9. Who remembers the time when donald duck said "son of a bitch"?

  10. One year later and 8:48 is still one of the funniest things I've ever seen. The way you jokingly say the answer, the slight pause before you realize it's actually the answer, and the way you say "motherfucker" while typing it. It's all too perfect.

  11. When terroriser guessed Nintendo switch, I knew exactly what it was

  12. 8:25 my first thought seeing that shape was “Nintendo switch” because I play too much

  13. Donald Duck sounds like he sucking someone off lol

  14. That attack on titan theme music really set the mood

  15. Love how Smii7y uses the Armored Titan theme for most of his videos

  16. What is the song called at the beginning where he said imagination

  17. Still curious of the song he used for the word "Imagination"

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