Introducing Homer to the creator of Fairly Odd Parents in -

Introducing Homer to the creator of Fairly Odd Parents in

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  1. Congrats Nogla for being family friendly for the entire video .

    I'm very very surprised…

  2. Fairly Odd Parents is a masterpiece, congratulations Butch on your success!

  3. can someone please tell me what the song at 6:00 is? i always hear it in videos and can never find what it's called


  5. Sniper: Bloody hell your awful!

  6. Me : *Reads description*

    Me : As Nick Fury once said, "My eye's fine, it just can't believe what it's seeing."

  7. No one is mentioning his work on Danny Phantom so allow me

  8. Butch also created danny phantom dont forget

  9. Nogla your gf sounds like shes high af all the time. She just that type of person huh lol.

  10. This is really cool. I just wish Butch Hartman wasn't a problematic ass IRL.

  11. This the video that confirms nogla is a cuck?!?!

  12. Word: beaver

    Me: draws timmy Turner with a zoom in on the teeth

  13. How?!?!?…..How?!?!? Nogla be getting these people.

  14. I loved this show when I was little

  15. Was it only me that. Didn't realize he was playing the undertaker soundtrack from the snowdin area

  16. Nova Scotia pride, Mr. Lahey is an icon. RIP

  17. I love how butch wrote in capital letters 🥺 this is my actually childhood right now, I loved FOP

  18. Daithi I want you to know how Butch treats folks that worked or are working with him this might go in the spam section but I don't care just look for it.

  19. I do not want to be a Debbie-downer but some of the comments this man has said have been less than steller it could hurt your brand and beliefs here are links that will show up in the spam section in the replies section, from a concerned fan.

  20. This is the most amazing thing Butch Hartman omg <3

  21. Butch is such a quality dude! Always gotta bring him in to those kid friendly videos

  22. That was a pretty good sniper thought i cant lie as some one with 3000 hours

  23. It's funny when you start making Homers! I'm laughing my ass off!

  24. Another one that will most likely end up in the spam section here is a recent one on his beliefs on the power of "healing autism: through prayer in the replies section again

  25. Can I just say something


  26. He kinda sounds like shlatt, I don’t know how to spell his name.

  27. nogla i looove you. please dont collab with butch anymore lol he’s the worst.

  28. the fact that he was typing in all caps made me uncomfy 😂😂

  29. The dude's played with JackSepticEye since 2014… now he's playing with the creator of Fairy Odd Parents. Quality XD

  30. Imagine how Inker and Snack must feel to be in a lobby with Nogla and Hartman.

  31. It was a lot of fun! Can't wait to do it again!

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