Introducing Sark to the Ways of the Homer - SKRIBBLIO -

Introducing Sark to the Ways of the Homer – SKRIBBLIO

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  1. Pick tadpoles.
    Draw a tank that shoots out missiles with Homer's heads on the far end and make them green.

  2. Damn… I keep forgetting to take LSD before watching these videos. The nightmares are enough though. XD

  3. @6:32 – Am I the only one who was thinking of Hail Mary by Tupac?

  4. Sark 2020: “First you moisturize, then you sanitize, then you mustard.”

  5. It’s nice how u guys are playing with sark again I loved watching him in vanosses gmod videos

  6. You have now played with Sark, now you just need Nanners😍😍

  7. That homer he got some sqawshwedash tall head

  8. Wow I've watched this video from every POV but not sarks tho I am nearly inevitable…

  9. Anyone else realize how quiet Vanoss is

  10. I need to see this from sark's pov

  11. Anakin is a child killer why is there a child there the only two he didn’t kill was leia and Luke

  12. My shiny teeth ain't hiding anytime soon watching this video XD I'm laughing to much.

  13. WoW pAnDa YoU'rE rEaLlY bAd At ThIs GaMe.


  14. We'll see this footage on Sark's channel in 2025.

  15. When I saw Homer in the diaper, it made me think of Pedos in Speedos 😂

  16. cool Thomas you gotta Knuckles is cool yeet says:

    Wells that accept set a Ninja Turtle with a yellow hat man Curious George Marge fuses together to make one disgusting baby that's how it looks like JK lol

  17. Tik Tok has two k's I'm thinking he's thinking of the app silly Wildcat

  18. Very first Homer, drawn with the head of Fukurokuju

  19. all I have to say is nananananananana batman!…

  20. Imagine if they were to put Sark in Mario Kart 😂😂

  21. Came here to see docking reaction, unsatisfied…

  22. Terroriser got added to another List after that one

  23. I misread the word "microphone" I thought the word was "microwave" but nope it`s not. xD

  24. Everything tyler says is like 10x funnier if he says it while he's laughing 😂😂😂

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