Is this Garfield? ( -

Is this Garfield? (

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We played some Skribbl with the Dadcraft crew this week, check it out! It felt good to flex my pictionary muscles (or lack thereof) again.



  1. Luna was trying to say eggboi, I'm sure of it

  2. As soon as Chib said 'long drop toilet' I knew this was destined for the favourites playlist.
    Instant classic.

  3. Can anyone let me in on the context for "spending $1500 per month on fast food"? Did Apollo release his expenses?

  4. Wait is rob drawing with a mouse or with a drawing tablet

  5. NL saying "Adapt to this" to the spit story is actually the greatest joke ever told, and i'm here for it.

  6. Waiting for the sporcle quiz where NL guesses his own drawings

  7. I need a few minutes to absorb the fact that Tasmania has changed shape & adopted new gps coordinates.

  8. That's a cover of the Levan polka, NL, one of the greatest bops in history.

    Asking people what their last word will be… tends to get them riled up, especially when they are over 80.

    9:30 😂😂😂

  9. Man I have to say, chib is such a funny guy ^^ he is a great fit!

  10. "How can a hole be long? It's nothing!"
    Killing me man

  11. i've been jonesing for some fresh NLSS vibes. thank you

  12. not sure why chib drew Garfield like he's an Animal Crossing frog but i'm with it

  13. Not sure if you'll ever see this NL, but to answer your question at 15:00. It takes about 3 times as long as the book. Once you get in the groove you can definitely record in large chunks, but even still, there is still going through and listening to it all back while editing out undesireable noises like breaths and mouth sounds.

  14. We used to let my hamster free roam in our bedroom while we were hanging out. She once climbed up the comforter onto the bed, climbed up the back of my head, and walked on my face (I was lying down) before running to the edge and jumping off to scurry away

  15. I desperately wanted someone to say Nip Jonas.

  16. "its not green, its just the circle is green and not a circle" thats a realy confusing line out of contex or even in context XD

  17. I live in west Texas and usually the dudes are into bull riding and girls are into horse riding so I would say you’re correct on it mostly being female that like horses

  18. this is the hardest ive laughed in a long time

  19. The Glorious Champion of all that is Good and Just says:

    Viggo mauritzon? The fuck? Who cares what the actors name is?

  20. Horrible hamster stories:
    As a young lad I used to stand behind the couch against the radiator while watching TV in the morning. I stood on something crunchy. Turns out it was my hamsters skull. He had escaped during the night and the cat had a feast.

  21. This card lets me take two cards from the top of my deck and put them straight into my hand!

  22. I think I actually died and ascended when NL said “chapter 24: x”
    Laughed for minutes straight

  23. I have a family member that's a teacher for 1st-2nd graders. They raised hamsters in her class as as class pets. Well, she came into the classroom one day and it had gotten out of it's cage and tried jumping off the desk that it was on. It somehow got some string wrapped around it.. Needless to say she came into the classroom with Brooksy hamster just hanging out… ANYWAY, have a great day.

  24. I love Chib's accent, him saying hella horse fellas was too good

  25. The adventures of Paul Blart – Mall Shart

  26. i thought he meant the cat with agoobi… kinda spooked me out a little

  27. This is the first time I've ever seen chib in anything. I love him and he is precious.

  28. He chose to be in the desert though lol how is it funny to be cruel to animals?

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