Is this Garfield? ( -

Is this Garfield? (

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We played some Skribbl with the Dadcraft crew this week, check it out! It felt good to flex my pictionary muscles (or lack thereof) again.



  1. Dude rob is soooo good at drawing! Wish he did more drawing streams

  2. I have no idea what this says about me…
    But I'm here most for both Rob's and NL's drawings.

  3. Now I'm curious about that crab killing organism…

  4. First minute and already a levan polka reference. I can tell this is going to be good

  5. Im so excited to see these freshly shorn boys

  6. 47:30 is the start of one of the greatest stories ever told on an NL stream (dunno if this counts as an NLSS?)

  7. 'Two freshly shorn boys' will go down in infamy.

  8. Chiblee has the most interesting brain, I rarely catch his content but he is consistently funny, glad to see him on with NL

    Edit: Great video NL, been loving the Dadcraft-related content lately

  9. I miss the old style of the NLSS but I am pogged for this stuff as well

  10. Anyone have a link to the single cell organism that eats crabs?

  11. Somehow it doesn't surprise me that Chib watched a 46 minute video on Yu-Gi-Oh meta.

  12. Talking about rabbit.
    I use to have one, got a puppy after owning the rabbit for a few years.
    One night the dog barked for no reason what so ever. The rabbit died of a heart attack. So.

  13. Does anyone know what show Ryab was talking about? The Korean man vs wild one.

  14. I wish I could subscribe again just for the "Freshly Shorn Boys" followed by that drawing, with the second attempt being somehow significantly worse than the first. XD

  15. NL trying to put goodegor out of business smh

  16. First frame is 9mm beretta you know it’s gonna be poggy

  17. Welcome to another episode of Rob draws beastars Pog

  18. The world is never going back to normal, lockdown is forever, you're a prisoner for life. Enjoy.

  19. I bet if NL let Luna draw she'd do miles better. Do it, no balds

  20. Holy shit this whole video has top notch bants

  21. can chiblee just cohost NL's youtube channel, he makes everything 10x better

  22. You can't end the video there! Rob is in the middle of telling the story!!

  23. Chiblee's long drop crime is the best thing I've ever heard

  24. Holy crap that tangerine story killed me like you did that kid also i could just imagine NL agent 47 spiking it at this passed out kid and its hilarious and i don't full get why.

    Also on note of shit things we did to our friends as kids. A friend of mine at the time also made cardinal sin of fall asleep first so we all took a turns punching him in the junk, a full party of prob 10 or 15 kids btw, and i was last one and as soon as i did he woke up blinked few times and just started screaming and holding his junk but was fine soon after as far as we could tell but i could only imagine what that felt like lol one of few things i regret doing to someone else and why i don't think kids have empathy (or i didn't)

  25. This is my favorite type of content right here.

  26. Shout out to the real heroes. The ones who take a hit on their points to let rob finish

  27. NL brings Chib around purely for his own entertainment and it's fantastic. Chib is great but not everyone clicks with him, even some of the nlss folks. But NL just gets him and it's hilarious every time.

  28. I feel so confused every time 'anglerfish is choosing a word' shows up on screen.

  29. Glad y'all mentioned that yugioh video! I added it to watch later and completely forgot about it

    Edit: great video! Chib's pooping story was hilarious

  30. calling the scoby smegma fucking killed me I love Chibs brain it’s so mysterious

  31. "an eye for an eye in the minion world is fucked up"

  32. 32:30 Hit me way harder than it should have. The story was funny, sure, but Ryan's transition from … to !!! slapped me like a fish in a Monty Python musical number.

  33. the Rob Chib combo is so good I understand the schedule differences but a Dan Chib stream would Zog off

  34. I would crowdfund Gilbert Godfrey reading the dictionary

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