It got pretty sus. [] -

It got pretty sus. []

special edd
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  1. I feel smart when I watch Eddie's videos, specially whe he starts talking mexican cause I'm spanish, I live in spain, I talk spanish but I know english too. Now I know that learn another lenguages is fuc** nice

  2. On round 2 I thought it was was it's that it might have been the m&m guy

  3. Eddie before he joined YouTube: crossing the boarder wall ) Eddie after he joined YouTube and the boys : crossing the boarder t[ the frige 💀

  4. Are u sure u meant to say Become lol 🤣

  5. Egg egg egg egg egg egg egg egg egg egg egg egg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. This was made on my birthday!!

  7. Me: * picks up bad of spicy Doritos*
    Juicy: no it looks like a Dorito

  8. I screamed so loud when the answer was obvious to Eddie, my parents came in

  9. I am soooooooooooooo big fan of you

  10. I wonder if me and Eddie are the only people speak Moris code

  11. The mole from G-force that’s what Eddie drew

  12. they bullying eddie always picking on him that's quite rasict

  13. El primer dibujo pense que era un perro con El pelo cortado yk LOL

  14. Eddie your face looking more than sus in the thumbnail

  15. When it said Island and Eddie didn't guess it I was like " ITS THE IIIISLAAAAANDDD BOOOIIIISSSS"

  16. The bee don't get howny it poops the hunny not kums it

  17. What the fuck why you guys disrespecting my man michael jackson

  18. You should make them do it in Spanish

  19. The border patrol 😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣

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