KEEMSTAR GOT HIM.... | Valorant & Skribblio Moments -

KEEMSTAR GOT HIM…. | Valorant & Skribblio Moments

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Thank you everyone who came from Tiktok, I love all of you.
More content is coming…

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  1. Saw that clip of off my for you page on TikTok and where have you been all my life😂😂😂

  2. Saw this on tiktok now I've been laughing for like hours

  3. I found you on my fyp and now I'm addicted. Please post more this editing style and content is amazing

  4. Saw another video on tiktok and watched a few and u hella funny

  5. I came from tiktok I stayed for the amazing content and for making me smile

  6. Saw you on tiktok and I don't regret ❤️

  7. Saw you on tiktok, content and edits are amazing. Keep up the work!

  8. I'm going to be honest, I really can't understand why you have only 400 subs, I saw you haven't uploaded a lot but this editing is… Hell yes. Sharing with all the people I know.

  9. When you can see the future mmmmmhhhh this Chanel shall be at 5 mil subs by the end of the year I see mmmmmmhhhhh potential I see

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