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Friends in the Video


  1. Your drawing of America looks like a bad tooth lol

  2. Facebook: Kryoz has _ _ _ _ ed you

    Me: pokeed!?!?!?

  3. Wow. That is such an accurate drawing of the cartoon Mr. Bean!

  4. lol Right when kryoz but the notification on the bell my phone went off

  5. The way Brian got so hyper when he types in Michael Jackson makes me soft 🥺

  6. "It looks like Mr. Bean"

    Me: facepalm

  7. I feel like Terroriser can relate i the sunburn drawing. 😂

  8. 3:44 did you just said Gromit because Gromit doesn’t have a mouth

  9. Oh no. Oh No! Haha haha!!!! OK it is official! The nickname of that state should be changed. It is not the “Sunshine State of America.” It is the “Hurricane State of America!” Everyone around the world thinks of this place that way. Hahaha 7:20

  10. Brian’s drawing of mr. Bean was perfect

  11. 3:25 That actually looks a lot like him in the cartoon lol that’s a good drawing 😆

  12. 3:40 the best drawn version of him I’ve every seen besides the show

  13. I'm not gonna lie, I fucking forgot what Marcel's name was dispite hearing it 30 seconds ago

  14. Robot chicken terminator dad have you seen that Brian HUH

  15. I laughed sooooooooooooo hard at catfish when it was there😂😂😂

  16. 5:31 the surgeon reminds me of captain quark in Rachet and clank size matters psp game where rachet goes to sleep and has to fight nightmare creatures like surgeon captain quark who uses chainsaw projectiles like this comment if you know get this reference

  17. For a Robot Chicken reference I give you one up vote

  18. The Mr. Bean drawing looked really good. Meanwhile, the actual photo of Mr. Bean creepily staring at me

  19. Brian may not see this if he does then I used that feature a lot when I used Facebook

  20. if i remember correctly the giraffe skit on robot chicken was about the 5 stages of grief lol.

  21. 3:50 Straight up looks like the diary of a wimpy kid version of Mr. Bean! 😆

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