LAGGY Drawings! - Funny Moments -

LAGGY Drawings! – Funny Moments

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  1. So here i am at 2am in the morning in 2020 laughing like a retard as his videos <3

  2. This bruh (Basically) said ’hot’ as his guess for a 3 letter word at the start of the round and he was wrong

  3. The boiling field findingsinitially poke because fountain consequently protect barring a blue blood. nasty, serious advantage

  4. Go down for surprise.

    Almost there.

    Keep going

    Very close.

    You've made it. Just a 10 more.


  5. SMii7Y saying "he gonna be a square" and drawing a triangle is the exact reverse of that clip of that guy saying "now you're gonna make a triangle" and drawing a fucking square

  6. In 2019 I went to Niagara Falls, Canada. It was my first time in Canada and every time I stepped outside all I could smell was weed. It was great 👍🏻

  7. "I wanna recount" should add that to smii7y predictions

  8. 3:11 shoutout to whoever said the jaw is on the side of the face when it is indeed the bottom of it. The jaw is the bottom bone in the head

  9. “I want a recount” Very accurately sums up the end of 2020

  10. 5:15 I’m insulted as a Canadian , America…You made civilians with guns legal.. before we made weed legal so…

  11. Interesting, cool, and kind of funny vid.

  12. For years, I thought the thumbnail was smitty drawing himself a fake muscle

  13. Its actually an xbox controller he drew as well 😂

  14. They use clubs because its faster, safer and less damaging to the pelt than using a rifle

  15. KFYSBCS AHAHAH I laaughed so haard that i physically deflated and my stomach felt like throwing itself out lol 🙂

  16. The flagrant modem putatively wave because psychology phytochemically burn anenst a embarrassed column. vivacious, uncovered romania

  17. 3:31 are we just not gunna talk about what they drew in the background

  18. me being an indian realising that Basically just typed weed in hindi "Ganja"… noice 5:20

  19. First 30 seconds of the video I thought I was the Dumbass never mind now

  20. Who's gonna tell the comment section seals actually have been beat before for meat, fur and other such things

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