LAGGY Drawings! - Funny Moments -

LAGGY Drawings! – Funny Moments

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  1. never watch this on a laggy computer or phone. it will end you!

  2. Im canadian i couldnt understand the stoned picture

  3. Kormit


    – a frog that lives in endless pain and agony, suffering constantly, can't escape it…………he lives in constant fear….of big bord…..cokey monter……but most importantly………lemo!

  4. Generic Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy says:

    4:30 mess up x2 6:32 drawing slow for anyone? 7:15 words not going through 8:31 i love clubbing

  5. when you dont know what a flwesh light is so u look it up on a school computer and get suspended for a week XD i actually happened

  6. You drew a CPU… and called them nerds when they guess it correct.. God your dumb Nogla

  7. Flipps out about the dumist things but calling a triangle a square nope takes them a little bit

  8. I mean, i know this isn't a recent video but i was watching this then my internet immediately gets turned off for like 2 mins xD

  9. Nogla really is an interesting specimen. Imagine being able to survive on 1 single brain cell

  10. Just realized this was posted the day before my birthday

  11. All 520 of the dislikes are the people who club seals

  12. The hurt in Nogla's voice when he heard about the seals… damn

  13. In 5:13 basically say weed but in Indonesia why cause i am Indonesian

  14. Nogla is so innocent please protect him 🙏

  15. In this video, nogla is that one boomer in the computer game who mutters to himself

  16. Nobody:
    SMII7Y: I want a recount
    Kanye after the elections: recount?👀

  17. 13:30
    "did he really leave? did he really rage quit?

    I don't think

    you understand

    the circumstances

    that he g o n e"

  18. The more episodes I watch of this game, the more I wanna play it, but I guarantee that I won't have nearly as much fun as these gents

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