Lightning Speed Typing, Barack Obama and Nogla...Again - SKRIBBL.IO FUNNY MOMENTS -

Lightning Speed Typing, Barack Obama and Nogla…Again – SKRIBBL.IO FUNNY MOMENTS

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  1. I was laughing so hard at the end, I nearly puked all over my bed.

  2. 14:45 Any other Charlies going out as Charlie Chaplin this Halloween?
    Just me? (maybe not idk.)

  3. banana backwards is ananab not nanaba btw lol

  4. shirts, shirts, and more shirts, so many to choose from, too much internal conflict

  5. The Heineken part 😂it had me in tears 😂😭

  6. Me sister and I won two goldfish each from the ball toss at a carnival years ago and two of them lasted 3 years before they died the other two died after 2 years

  7. Love Scotty's descriptions of Obama and Trump. Accurate on both. Fuckhead lol

  8. That Charlie Chaplin was drawn really well. Pretty impressed with Brian.

  9. Greatest line I ever herd for panda himself
    You know how strange of feeling it is for you guys to be afraid of me in a game? lol
    Me when I play hero’s vs villains at Star Wars.

  10. Generic Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy says:

    2:48 yea that close to orange, blue 3:23 mine got eaten by a cat 3:50 NOW it goes through… and he left 4:55 game not have dedidated ram 6:00 WOOOOOOWWWW!!!! 6:43 shouldve quit smoking 10:40 Thank you Scotty 11:05 again THANK YOU SCOTTY for causing that laugh 11:33 and lastly thank you scotty dont think ive heard Moo laugh like that 13:34 that german voice 14:00 Charlie Chaplin the Chapman 15:00 and hes back so soon!

  11. 9:12
    Scott: "Did you know 'banana' spelled backwards is 'nanaba'?" (Nope).
    Anthony: "I did know that because it's in Pokémon. You get a nanaba berry". (How could you have known something that was incorrect? Also I'm unaware if "nanaba berry" is an actual thing in Pokémon).
    What they said:
    Forwards: abanan
    Backwards: nanaba
    What it actually is:
    Forwards: banana
    Backwards: ananab
    Love ya' BigJigglyPanda (Anthony)!!! ❤ 🐼 :]
    Not trying to be a prick or anything (in fact, that is the opposite of what I was going for), I just wanted to point this out.
    Edit: added time-stamp

  12. Random thing while I’m trippin balls… your logo is great to look at

  13. "My favorite German beer."
    please tell me he said that for the sake of the joke…

  14. Anthony’s shirt is really dope! Big Jiggly Panda rocks! 🐼 🤙🏾💪🏾

  15. Disappointed that four zero and anyone else is a democrat 😔

  16. I'm still looking at my goldfish I won at the fair 9 years ago, there was two of them one died of cancer, but the other one is still going

  17. i had beta fish once suprisingly they lasted for TWO YEARS

  18. 9:12 Another proof Scotty is ''stupid'' (as he says himself in his own videos) :
    ''Banana'' spelled backwards is ''Ananab'', not ''Nanaba''.

    We love you anyway Scotty :3

  19. I just watched something sad so I need something funny

  20. Excuse me, Heineken is a Dutch beer, not German

  21. I just now realized that Panda is from a generation that took typing seriously…..

  22. Leave it to the Jewish one in the group to say I don't know a good one lmfao

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