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Mina and Friends Play Skribblio!

Queen Acid
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Yall almost didnt have a video. I nearly deleted this.
This guy is someone I streamed with today:




  1. Hi Queen Acid Dropped a like Goodnight

  2. A A A A A A A A A A Y Y Y Y Y Y the thumbnail F I T S

  3. It was nice being in this video! And it was nice to finally show off my Kirishima impression! I know it doesn’t sound 100% great, but I plan on practicing with it!

    Thanks, Mina! 😁

  4. Hi queen it’s me zero black knight I just changed my name

  5. Hi Mina, sorry I missed this, but this looks so fun and Midoriya sounds like Morty from rick and morty. Also damn the lagging.

  6. man that wantless guy seemed like a cool guy

  7. You thought this was a my hero only but it was I dio.

  8. You should do a theme song reaction video of MHA. If we can connect in a YouTube chat or through my Kik. It would be greatly appreciated. Yes. I am a girl.


  9. Not literally everybody ships you guys I ship you and "the man who's gay for you".That is my otp OK #kiribaku

  10. I don't ship Kirimina at all but I loved the content! Would you be doing anymore content with the Bakusquad later on? ;0

  11. Am I the only one who noticed, Midoriya's name is: "Fuck Ted Nug"? XD I laughed, when I saw his name. Also, I love your content. 😀

  12. Ravioli ravioli don't touch the dragon loli. XD

  13. Hey Mina, I just want to say that I love your laugh it’s so fun sweet and cute just like you and it also makes me want to laugh too😂💖

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