Moments that make you question my IQ - Funny Moments -

Moments that make you question my IQ – Funny Moments

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First time playing this game but it was a blast!
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  1. My favorite part of the video was you doggo talking

  2. ive seen this video so many times and i still love it every time

  3. "Oh, that was a wonderful-"

  4. Dude, the ending with Octavia tho 😂😂😂

  5. "Kobe burnt" put it on the prediction compilation

  6. At 9:46, the option Suez Canal, who knew that would also be relevant at some point 😂

  7. I swear smii7y and kryoz could make any game entertainment

  8. i remember back in the day when smii7y was good.

    oh wait he still is!

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  11. 1:45 smii7y you idiot that was your chance to pick Netherlands and draw the nether

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  14. "You took a my… sssssspage-"

  15. A few little history WWll A-Bomb facts for people who read this (Also I could be wrong about some of these so just to make sure just search em up on google or something) :
    1. Where the was tested A-Bomb it got so hot it melted the sand and made a new material called Trinite I believe
    2. The First A-bomb dropped on Japan was called the little boy
    3. The Second A-bomb dropped on Japan was called either Fat man or Big Boy

    And an extra fact
    4. The Fat Man in the Fallout Series is actually based off of something in real life called "The Davy Crockett" I believe although you can't carry it over your shoulder like in fallout it dosen't take as much as a regular nuclear bomb and was developed during the cold war but was never really used as it stop manufacturing for it.

  16. i was trying to drink water while watching this, it didnt go so well

  17. 9:50 The game predicted the Suez Canal would be easily recognized from a drawing… Smii7y rubbed off on it real frickin quick huh?

  18. That kobe burnt is a big foreshadowing moment

  19. Is no one going to point out (9:09) what Wildcat answered XD

  20. "Hey Tyler"
    "My avatar is pissed at your unibrow."

    This makes me laugh more than it probably should

  21. Am I crazy or is that a Circle Guard from squid game? 2:12

  22. I see a lot of people speculating about my dog rather than the actual video so here you go lmao:
    Octavia is a Rottie mix. She is just over 1 year old and she is named after the character on the TV show "The 100".

    Good, now that's settled. Please enjoy the video 🙂

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