My Best Drawing Yet! - Funny Moments and Fails -

My Best Drawing Yet! – Funny Moments and Fails

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Outro: “Nyan Cat [Bunnymajs 8bit version]” by Bunnymajs


  1. why did he think that £ would look like #?

  2. I was playing this game last night and I wasn't sure if the actual Ohm was there

  3. Is it just me or does Nogla and jiggly type extremely fast

  4. I wanted to do this for you and your friends hear it is1. His name is bigjigglypanda and he loves to dance without pants

    2. His name is vanossgaming and he is a magic owl

    3. His name is i_am_wildcat and he is a raging man

    4. His name is moo_snuckle and he hates golf it

    5. His name is h20_ delirious and he’s a crazy man

    6. His name is dathdedanogla and he’s a really silly man

    7. His name is basicallyidowork and he’s a funny man

    8. His name is ohmrecker and he’s a big bunny

    9. His name is silentdroid and he loves to play around

    10. His name is fourzeroseven and he likes to piss people off

    11. His name is terminater and he loves his choppers

  5. Jiggly is fast at typing because he’s a computer nerd always playing wow probably

  6. I would of put Never Eat Sour Watermelon and put an arrow at the watermelon

  7. Okay am I de only one who realized how fast they are typing? U could actually hear it like wtf

  8. 3:30 when the Minecraft steak is just right, 8:41 when you just can't have enough

  9. Someone needs to tell panda that the pound symbol is £ and not #

  10. Moo is such a nerd “actually that’s the name of the scientist” 😂😂😂 I love him

  11. Peppermint sounds like a stripper version of punisher.

  12. What was the point of that bonus clip wasnt really funny or anything

  13. 13:24 Moo making a sound of a plane while drawing it is the cutest fucking thing I have seen in my life

  14. Evan is always stoned, you can’t tell by the way he acts lmao

  15. making the chat bigger is 100% a great idea

  16. jiggly is that one homeless man that went to college

  17. ok…while the video is going press 9 and rigth after he say "I don't know what draw here" press 3

  18. No hate to Jiggle but this game is probably the only game he is good at and won't rage at it

  19. 12:29 Man, everyone's favourite actor, Dwayne "The Road" Johnson .

  20. I came here because of Vanoss' video. Which was thanks to Nogla, and the editor that Vanoss hired

  21. Nogla is typing so loudly HAHA, nearly smashing his keyboard whilst typing a word.

  22. I love that you made the chat BIG so we could see what's being typed lmao

  23. Vanoss: "dude I can't even draw straight"
    me: "because you aren't"

  24. Ha ha ha this "shut up Brock"… Well, when you don't know how to spell caterpillar… xD

  25. Actually, that’s not the name of the scientist, that’s the name of the scientist’s dog’s brother-in-law.

  26. I just love Nogla's singing your praises.

  27. at first i just heard nogla say ," somebody come collect" at 6:55

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