My Favorite Marvel Superhero: BEEF! - SKRIBBL.IO -

My Favorite Marvel Superhero: BEEF! – SKRIBBL.IO

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  1. All of their laughs are so different. They all crack me up! Love you guys.

  2. I was drinking when Nogla said orangutan, and I almost choked.

  3. Petition to never have Nogla on a skribblio session?

  4. Has anyone noticed that pandas name still says Jiggies

  5. When y'all actually play together can it not be scribblio but an actual game

  6. Origi Veef Beffers yo i was waiting for Jigglys POV 😂😂😂

  7. when nogla love italia food

    ravioli to mousli

  8. Nogla's tactic for male enhancement: radiation exposure

  9. Growing up Italian-American, I used to love when my mother or grandmother made the beef fuselees. O.o

  10. Batter Man: the hero we… well, don't really need at all.

  11. poor jiggly, man died from seeing to much "origi"

  12. "I don't wanna play this game!!!" – Delirious

  13. Fuusili sounds like a terrible Swiss last name! 😂

  14. I was born with spina bifida and I can confirm we don't look like that

  15. Nogla has the intelligence of a 5-year-old

  16. Only Nogla would misspell Hospital 3 times

  17. For origami: Nogla's guesses include a primate and a striker from Liverpool FC

  18. the continuous ongoing of why do we play games with nogla lol

  19. Why does Kryoz look like a blonde Momo in the thumbnail?

  20. Not only did Michigan get flooded, but we also suddenly became part of Canada.

  21. Noglas drawing gave off big dick radiation

  22. @18:15
    Kryoz: "I get stringed meat, and then I get balls of pasta"

    Me: 😆

  23. i don't think putting an eggplant there made it better jiggies

  24. The plutoi are he beings inhabiting pluto…geez… dont you know anything….ol

  25. I straight up peed while watching this from laughing

  26. Why is the background music “The Addams Family”?

  27. I like how jiggly used the eggplant emoji to censor inappropriate drawings 😂😂😂

  28. Honestly Nogla deserved to be bullied as a child, he's so thick 🙄

  29. 9:15 Panda: this is smaller than an ocean, don't call it a sea. Nogla: seas Panda: No, god damn it.

  30. Origi didn’t even make me laught Anthony’s laughter did 😂😂

  31. wasn't paying attention cause i was playing animal crossing and then i heard "this is alberta" and i got spooked cause im from alberta

  32. This was the only video from this session that is uncensored

  33. Hey you leave Michigan out of this! We may be assholes, but we’re not heartless

  34. Nogla could be outsmarted by a dung beetle, I swear to god.

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