nairoS is up! skribblio with the crew lul -

nairoS is up! skribblio with the crew lul

Unofficial Nairo VOD Archive
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Nairo plays!

This is a re-upload of a past stream by Nairo that is no longer available on Twitch. Watch his live streams here:

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  1. The stream: everyone making fun of Cosmos

  2. 51:55 AIR PLANE
    1:05:42 Pedal = NOOOO!! NOOOO!! NOOOO!!
    1:15:15 VoiD, that's too much, WOAH!?
    1:41:19 "wtf, Keitaro, are you serious?"
    1:51:09 火影 (Hokage) or US Presidents?
    1:53:08 when you don't know the animation (Brave Little Toaster) and its meme
    2:15:28 "Are you still here?" because you're consistently last place xd
    2:21:47 You're not getting married
    2:36:53 it was a good guess with nothing left to go for
    2:39:48 finale trash talking (down throw, up-air, up+b)

  3. Ends up showing Nairo can't comprehend the easy stuff, Cosmos showed up in the 2nd to last round.

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