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Welcome back to! I… I guess that’s a way to describe your word? We get creative in this one lol. Enjoy! Playlist:

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  1. I want people to like this comment 🙂

  2. 1:15 “Obscure reference.” …Bro, what?
    20:27 Ze’s disbelief is just the best thing. 😂

  3. Never been so happy you posted this now Mr. Viking. I needed the laugh.

  4. lol, My Name's not Rice XD Welcome to Vietnam boys!!



    Never would have guessed.

    Maybe stop obsessing over it so much then.

  6. The screen is so bright gah!

  7. The idea of this drawling of the depiction of "disaster" was a much worse disaster than the reference of its content…

  8. Homer drawings with Vanoss and Spongebob drawings with Bryce? I need to see them both in the same lobby…

  9. Thank you… Vanoss, for making an entire generation mix up a suicide and a puzzle

  10. Spongebob? That's nothing. Try doing months and months of homer drawings

  11. why is sudoku the simple puzzle occasionally in newspapers confused with sepuku so often cmon

  12. I think my favourite thing about is how there's a new standard for "worst drawing ever" pretty much every round lol

  13. abort??? IN THE THUMBNAIL. that is NOT advertisement friendly. demonetized.

  14. As annoying as Bryce is in this, at least there are no Homers.

  15. How could you not understand the noodle? It was so obvious

  16. R+j roger klutz plus judy funnie. Come on.

  17. acting like 9/11 jokes are bad? its been like 20 years, those jokes are more than okay now.

  18. Who the hell sang a song from mulan when they were talking about sudoku/seppuku. I laughed my ass off!

  19. Every time I hear swag's voice I can't help but think Wade is in the video.

  20. As a Scot, that Scotland drawing was both hilarious and offensive.

  21. Wait, is the abort button in the thumbnail to abort being edgy or to be edgy about abortion?

  22. Everyone’s saying shit about how vanoss draws homer and Bryce draws spongebob but no one talks about how beautiful ze’s drawings are

  23. Spongebob would have actually worked for 'wingnut.' In the Spongebob Squarepants movie, someone calls him a wingnut at the grand opening of the Krusty Krab 2, and Spongebob admits to being a wingnut before breaking into Goofy Goober Rock.

  24. A better edgy disaster would’ve been Joplin.

  25. It's funny how Spongebob can drive a rock with no problem but a boat he can't

  26. spongebob n homer oof I need everyone to collab

  27. 6:41 really? i thought u made it red to throw it off. I have literally only seen black staplers, maybe once I saw a grey one

  28. "That ain't no butt."
    "What do you mean that ain't no butt?"
    DEAD 😂😂

  29. So vanoss is obcessed with drawing homer Simpson, and Bryce is obcessed with spongebob, ok then

  30. Spongebob is this group's version of Homer confirmed

  31. I've never seen one of ur vids but that was amazing

  32. Sett has a point when he said farmer was the worst drawer

  33. "You were getting very artistic with your color palette"

    Did none of them realize THAT was the right word? I seriously can't tell if they know or not

  34. I lose it every time at scobby doo 😂😂

  35. FULL EDGY????? I like your videos, but 9/11 ins't a comedy. This is the problem with our country right now. Everything is a joke right now. 🙁

  36. The noodle drawing was actually pretty good

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