Nobody Can Spell ANYTHING - Skribblio & Gartic Phone Funny Moments -

Nobody Can Spell ANYTHING – Skribblio & Gartic Phone Funny Moments

Doctor Bloo
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Big thanks to @elitebunny2017 & Suave Reds for helping me with the Siri clip

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  1. I love your laugh Bloo, always makes me chuckle

  2. bloo is actually the funniest out of all of them, sometimes it’s not even his jokes, it’s his laugh, honestly carried youtube for me for 2023, thank you bloo👍🏼

  3. This cheered me up after having a bad day! Thanks Bloo. You're really cool man 💪

  4. My dyslexic brain absolutely loved this video 😂😭 it was like watching myself struggle through you guys struggling ahaha funny !! Keep it up Bloo Bloo ☺️

  5. I love these types of videos so much! They make me laugh every time, it has defiantly cheered me up today so thank you! Keep up the amazing work!

  6. if wadism keeps being a furry im gonna give him a nutcracker

  7. what is your sister’s instagram/Snapchat user 😅

  8. Dr bloo might be the most underrated youtuber of all time

  9. yippee i'm not late!!! i usally watch your vids 2 MONTHS after they come out then i have to catch up.

  10. my day is always better when doctor bloo uploads 🙂

  11. Ngl Bloo out of everyone in your group, I fing you and your vids the most entertaining and funny😂😂❤ keep going champ

  12. Great vid Bloo man, I especially love how well the Siri clip turned out, hope you’re having a great night man! 😊


  14. Another Dr Bloo vid let's gooo. Can't wait for the next stream

  15. I put this on as i did one of my college assignments, but i didn't do any work. I was crying laughing by the end of the video 💀😂 one of my new favourite videos lmao

  16. This video made my day 100% better 🤣🤣

  17. I watched some people play garlic phone once and that was one of the most hilarious things ever😂😂
    Garlic phone + the winky winkies must be good😂

  18. I laughed so fkn hard at this, idk why but these days the winkies videos keep getting funnier and funnier!!🤣🤣
    Thank you Bloo for ending my day on a very hilarious high!

  19. I forgot i had depression for 10 minutes

  20. phenomonally funny, ive been so excited to see you lot play these drawing games

  21. Should have done less cuts and shown more of each horrific drawing and minus IQ guesses, still great though

  22. i remember this being uploaded on one of danyul's videos and i was killing to see this thank you bloo

  23. That advert for Dan is literally tryna expose him

  24. You will have a million subs by the end of 2025 for sure if you continue like this 🤣 love the vids man

  25. Does the Legend reply (You always make me laugh through my depression, Keep it Up!!!!)

  26. Why are you videos so good. I really mean it too my lungs hurt from laughing

  27. Another great video by doctor Bloo
    I actually recommended you too one of my mates and when we were watching one of your videos he was absolute howling

  28. MrBio can activate my Siri somehow. Someone tell me how the hell that works

  29. This is too funny I can’t breath 🤣

  30. Bloo and Dan are the funniest duo of all time

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