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Nobody Guessed the Word –

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Music: Nobody Guessed the Word
Composer: ticedev
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  1. tbh i thought it was the wrong number song from undertale

  2. Let me tell you bout a little place called Thunder Creak.

  3. When the bar gets drawn instead of the correct word

  4. Are yall sure this isn't just Dance of Dog and you've all been bamboozled

  5. I remember mexican cartoon network still had this and it was the "cartoon cartoons" line in a heavy spanish accent

  6. I always think of Cartoon Cartoon Friday's when I hear the jingle!

  7. Are you sure that’s CN and not Jotaro’s theme?

  8. before I got it, I thought it was that one song from undertale that played when you got into a room you weren't supposed to be in

  9. “Cartoon Cartoon”

    My childhood of travelling to the states to watch Cartoon Network just to hear that bumper.. good memories

  10. You can make a jojo reference out of this one 👀

  11. someone will probably make a rip out of the portal button sound at this rate

  12. This sound have been the original!!!

  13. I know it's the CN theme, but I can also hear Jotaro's theme as well

  14. what's a cartoon network this is clearly dogcheck

  15. That cartoon network music have stucked in my head for years ! YEAH !!!

  16. Ooooh this was a precursor to SiIva Swim, I get it

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