Nogla's DUMBEST moment ever in Skribblio -

Nogla’s DUMBEST moment ever in Skribblio

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  1. My Favorite Cartoon show! Spongebnob Squlge Punts!

  2. I REMEMBER THIS. I'm always careful with these vids in the Era because of PEDO LADD AND TRAITORWRECKER. But I adored it. REALLY? @ Nogla? You Failed SPONGEBOB? GO SIT IN THE CORNER. LMAO.- ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜👩🏾‍🎤

  3. SPONGEBNOB guys a classic cartoon character in ireland

  4. MEEE HOIII MEENOIII!! (Only real ones will get it!)

  5. Lets not gloss over the fact Basically typed Spondebob beforehand lol

  6. I love to get some SpongeNob if you know what I mean 😉

  7. The only thing that sinks this clip for me is Brian trying and failing to be funny in the background

  8. I actually want to try and type SpongeBob fast until I get it
    It wasn't THAT hard

  9. There’s also the time Nogla had trouble spelling omeltte, I mean ommelleet, I mean omilite, I mean omlite, I mean omlet, I mean…

  10. The fact that he wrote "sponbeogebob" twice is incredible.

  11. I remember when this video first came out, I kept rewinding it and laughed so hard my stomach hurt so bad lol

  12. The link takes you to a nogla, terroriser, and vanoss reacts video. 2/3 strikes until spongebnob/sponbegob/sponbeobob/some yellow square guy knocks on your door.

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