Nogla’s drawings are a disgrace to humanity... ( Funny Moments) -

Nogla’s drawings are a disgrace to humanity… ( Funny Moments)

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Nogla’s drawings are a disgrace to humanity…

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  1. Ancient footage that was unearthed due to his apparent money crisis, evident by the 50 midrolls

  2. I unsubed because he chooses portrait instead of valut boy….im dissapointed jk tho

  3. Lol!!! All that for the word to be “chin”. 🤣🤣😆

  4. My cheating ex-girflriend's name is Bria.. so, you're right. Fuck you, Bria.

  5. Evan has never been outside a day in his life XD

  6. i kept thinking this is brian’s (terroriser) video

  7. Lui’s voice instantly brightens my day :,)

  8. The only house black Santa doesn't visit is his kids.

  9. I think the game just saved you from choosing North Korea 😂😂 it was like "nah bro don't do it" 😂

  10. Vanoss doesn't know what anything is anymore unless Homer is drawn in it

  11. Who the fUCK IS BRIA??!?!?!?!?!!!???!?!??!!

  12. "Banzai" means "Hurray". I think he's trying to say was 'Kamikazee' means suicide attack using fighter planes is what japanese did in pearl harbor.

  13. I’m glad you still put lui in the description

  14. As someone whose mother tongue isn’t English, I only now understand where “Turn it down a notch” comes from.

  15. the moment i realize that gartic only existis in brazil :O

  16. use code fourzer0seven in item shop so you can help him get that champion or get that victory royale

  17. Props to Terroriser he can draw sentient looking beings

  18. My girlfriends name is Bria and I’m laughing my ass off at it😂

  19. 2:25 ok, besides youtube, cod, gmod, and hockey what does Vannos know?

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