PHINEAS AND ... FERN?! - Skribblio Funny Moments -

PHINEAS AND … FERN?! – Skribblio Funny Moments

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  1. only cool kids know Phoneas and Frob from Fitz

  2. Condensed is such a C U Next Tuesday in phoneas and Porb

  3. In Australia, “licorice” is spelt liquorice.

  4. I like the Skribblio videos. They may not do as well, but I find them a little more engaging because I get to guess too!

  5. These videos are so funny, especially when yall struggle to spell the easiest words

  6. Marcel must watch a lot of Teen Titans Go to guess that was Superman.

  7. Basically did you just assume we Canadians havent seen Phineas and Ferb

    P.S. love your vids keep it up

  8. "Think about the word and what he's drawing"

    Thanks Ohm.

  9. 12:18
    Mom: shut the fuck up Jaelene and why are you laughing?
    Me: nothing~
    Mom:ok * walks away*
    Me: XD I'm dead for life for laughing so damn hard!

  10. In the thumbnail it looks like Phineas is stabbing Ferb with his head

  11. I'm a 12 year old and I got crawl space ;-; CMON GUYS!! (no hateeee)

  12. Bruh, that ain’t Phineas and Fern, that’s Phoneas and Frob!

  13. The thumbnail looked like phineas ferb and baljeet….Marcel =T Series !!!!!! CONFIRMED

  14. The intro reminded me of Nogla, "Draw penises" 🤣

  15. wonder what Ohm was doing before this recording… uterus and 'something and fern' 😀

  16. Personally I thought that Brian's Superman drawing looked a lot more like Shazam than Superman.

  17. Why does Phineas look like a drug addict in the thumbnail

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