Playing Formula 1! - NO ONE CAN DRAW! -

Playing Formula 1! – NO ONE CAN DRAW!

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Playing Formula 1 with Team Quadrant fans! Who’s got the skills to draw anything Formula 1 in this F1 game I did recently on stream!
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  1. Haha by aerodynamic someone put in stofzuiger but its a dutch word

  2. Mia: stofzuiger

  3. 2:09 I love how someone just goes “vacuum cleaner” in dutch

  4. Mia is a real Carlos Sainz hater, holy mother of god

  5. Wish people didn't cheat lol. Maybe Aarav should not speak it ourlt loud and make an overlay above the answer idk

  6. It is odd how he can place higher In Scribble then his my team!

  7. Can anyone tell me aarav's code for the F1 fantasy??? Plz

  8. hey Aarav can you give us the words so we can play with them too please

  9. Day 22 of asking for the next episode of the F1 Alpine Manager

  10. How a boy wrote sbinalla hurted me hard. Is Italian, is sbinnala not sbinalla dear Farris D

  11. Winning this felt great hahha. I dedicate this win to the Team Quadrant Night Owls gang

  12. Guys i m italian and i can assure ypu that is "Sbinnala" not "Sbinalla"

  13. The number of people who still spell George Russell with 1 L pains me.

  14. I dont think people get the point of scribblio. Some people were writing critical essays to help their dodgy drawings.

  15. Me shouting from Finland. Thats saatana Valtteri Bottas perkele

  16. At the 3:00 mark I was thinking of the Lewis Hamilton meme.

    Bono, my tires are gone

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