Playing Musical with @hilaryhahnvideos! -

Playing Musical with @hilaryhahnvideos!

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S N A P C H A T: Brettybang | Eddy.Chen


  1. hey whats the piece in the background for the first couple minutes?

  2. I don't know if there is any way to do this without a huge scheduling conflict, but I want to see Hilary Hahn vs Ray Chen vs Twoset in a 3-way game.

  3. does anyone know the piece in the background at the start?

  4. Hilary is so nice.
    Such a genuine and compassionate person.

  5. omg i guessed prodigy and im not even a musician

  6. Do any of you know which video they will put the rest of the conversation in

  7. Tchaikovsky…
    I think I will draw him as the man who wrote swan lake

  8. "we know each other's thought patterns"

    brett when eddy starts drawing a bow

  9. for prodigy he should have just wrote "ling ling"

  10. why is Eddy always mentioning the third leg that looks like a penis 😂

  11. "richoochet, richochet, richeche, richachet"
    has the same energy as "Am I perganant? pergananant? pergent? Pregert?"

  12. We need these drawing of the composers for the next B2TSM merchant drop

  13. Hilary pronounce "Col Legno" right
    Also Hilary "Pizzacato"

  14. Love how writing out the music notes is the musician's equivalent of writing the word out in letters

  15. Wait I stan by Hilary’s idea to put this art work on tote bags. I’d wear a bag with Eddie’s illustration of Beethoven for sure

  16. you know you’ve watched twoset long enough when you can guess most of these correctly

  17. Does anyone know the name of the piece that plays in the beginning? I swear I recognize it but I forgot what piece it’s from!!

  18. you are both amazing you know that) and bond is everything. so no chances for any girls for long-tern))) ahahaha

  19. 8:30 for Tchaikovsky? The most memorable thing of his for me is The Nutcracker Suite, so I would’ve drawn a nutcracker.

  20. Oomph i would say artificial harmonics though

  21. Hilary is such a great addition in these videos! Love you Hilary ❤️

  22. 16:25 So, a link to the next video maybe? It's not super easy to scroll through 2 years of TwoSetViolin! 😊

  23. best moment: 15:55

    richeche (2)

    followed by a high-pitched 'i cAn't sPeLL iT!'

    I'm on the floor

  24. I swear I was barely watching the video…I was enjoying the Brahms Violin concerto background….

  25. I like that game! Once I had to draw a violin. It was so bad everyone in the game voted to kick me out.

  26. At the tchaikovsky i would have been like “Bret 2 mil” 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  27. I was literally humming Tchaviosky Piano Concerto in my head and they play it at the beginning of the video Youtube stalking me

  28. – au début, le dessin de Franz Kafka… mais ces Américains ! aussi pour lui ils étaient si attractifs, pleins d'une tentation (in-calculables comme chez l'oncle dans son Roman… á l'archet de l'Océan🧑‍🍳

  29. Brett's spelling wins all this fun game 😂

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