Playing! (Ep. 2) -

Playing! (Ep. 2)

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  1. Me: Man they are great at drawing

    Also me: What am i looking at?

  2. its 12:42 am and the funniest thing to me is derrick still adding more and more fingers

  3. Love playing this game! I play it all the time with my friends !!!

  4. mythical Content Sis i rlly appreciate that !!!!

  5. Wait but seriously though, where is Greg? I'd just like a little confirmation to know he's doing alright and everything…

  6. i love their panicked typing when they figure out what it is

  7. Thank you so much for blurring what Pacos words were. Now please do the same for the other games like, Spyfall, 20 questions etc. Or at least put it at a place of the screen where we can just scroll down and cover it ourself.

  8. Skribblio tip:
    You can use your mouse wheel/scroll to change brush sizes.

    P.S This game needs a color wheel.

  9. Does the music remind anyone else of the PS1 Toy Story 2 game?

  10. at the end of the first game when paco was drawing, I was like… if Jacob doesn't get this… (cos he has been posting daily sudokus on his IG story hahaha)

  11. I feel like Derrick might have been one of the kids eating glue…

  12. 9:30 bruh I thought it was a pp until I saw that it had 6 letters

  13. This is my favourite game for you guys to play! Because I get to guess along haha.

  14. I love this they’re uploading so much now

  15. I keep think about Greg and Diana. Please tell me that they don't have to be separated and are living together during these times!

  16. When daina said "I put spork" it sounded like that text to speech girl

  17. Why does most games that RHPC play in this channel (both online and non-online) stops at Ep.2 😂

  18. Took me 15 minutes to realize the pencil is under the person drawing.

  19. That harmonica was drawn really well! Edit: I realized why Derrick put “moo” with the glue, it’s because there’s a popular brand of glue that has a cow on the logo! To answer his question, yup, there was a kid in my 1st grade class who ate some glue, and it was during a lesson on etiquette😂 but the kid just did it that once to be funny or whatever, he was not eating glue on the regular.

  20. It's so awesome how Derrick doesn't care and just has fun but is also one of the smartest players

  21. Bro this is the latest HigaTV video that had Will in it
    I guess the tweet was real… he really is leaving RHPC… That’s so sad 😞

  22. Coming back here because I miss Will. We miss you, Will Shayhan!!! Hope you read this. :'(

  23. This is the last time we saw Will….so sad….

  24. ryan’s “we’ll be back”😢😢😢😢😢

  25. They kill me with their thought processes and responses 😂😂😂

  26. “stay home eat rice” bro underrated

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