Playing on Stream 😳 -

Playing on Stream 😳

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  1. Can we talk about the AOT hat? Man of culture

  2. I knew it was SpongeBob right when he drew the brown

  3. Dude I knew it was spongebob as soon as I saw yellow and a little brown

  4. Yellow square 9letter word spongebob for sure

  5. I realized as soon he was drawing the pants lol

  6. LMAO- as soon as I saw a yellow square,, I knew 🤺
    and I bet most of y'all did too haha

  7. i knew it was spongebob as soon as they drew a yellow square

  8. Is it weird that there was a different SpongeBob video before this

  9. As soon as I saw the brown I knew it was SpongeBob lmao

  10. Someone tell me why I thought it was a pp

  11. Spongebob i think

    I know when he draw the brown thing

  12. Who else thought it was a Simpson character with a beard

  13. Right when he started drawing the brown thing I knew. I’m disappointed

  14. I haven’t even watched it and I got it before him

  15. I was never allowed to watch spongebob but I still knew what it was

  16. Ayo 😳
    "It isn't a mistake"
    "Its a MASTERPIECE✨"

  17. The first thing that was in my head was pockets cheese
    Im a goddamn idiot

  18. I knew as soon as he put the smile on

  19. Is no one gonna talk about his hat? Truly a man of culture

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