playing while drunk and immature -

playing while drunk and immature

diesel patches
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I’m gonna be gone for a week on vacation so there won’t be any videos for awhile. So I decided to give you guys two videos in one day. Be happy you gaylords.


  1. Lmao I’m watching this while drunk

  2. Can you do a why Azzyland isn’t funny please

  3. Diesel patches more like diesel daddy
    12 year olds don’t come for me

  4. Can you do a video on Kaitlin Bennett and make fun of her for being a dumb ass bitch

  5. I love how every drawing had a penis mentioned about it or a penis drawn on it.

  6. Legend says that commenting on diesels videos a week late makes him actually NOT fucking like your comment

  7. this is gonna sound so fucking creepy but he has a really nice laugh?

  8. Nigga u over saying the Ace family be getting drunk bitch look nigga

  9. quietly hears typing that doesn't sound like a windows pc MAC? welp

  10. Please do more of these videos I love your commentary ones but these are also super funny and you should do more!

  11. “Scooby dog” I can’t fucking stop laughing

  12. One of the people in the video sounds like the dude who exposed you and called you the big gay.

  13. Irish people on St. Patricks Day: ArE Ye CHaLleNgInG mE

  14. This video is great. I really wish you made more like these

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