playing with my Discord server -

playing with my Discord server

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hi hi this video was filmed like back in april but we won’t talk about that ok

big thank you to ghost for recording this on their pc !! that is why it’s from his POV, hope you don’t mind
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epik thumbnail art by cora, thanks
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shout out to Naya for carrying this video like LITERALLY

also Idk why but it sounds like I’m talking into a toaster sorry sorry sorry average mobile user Istg

JOIN MY DISCORD SERVER for fun stuff like this:


  1. I’m quitting Pony Town 😢 /jHope you don’t mind me doing some other stuff too~

  2. naya really slaying the whole video ✨ i love this

  3. ᴛʜᴀᴛ_ʀᴀɴᴅᴏᴍᴄʟᴏᴜᴅ says:

    I wish to join, sadly for some reason I can’t join your discord server

  4. :; I was in ur server, and I miss an opportunity-

  5. I wish I can join ur discord server but I can't I don't have discord 🙁

  6. This was fun as hell I'm glad I took part in this lol

  7. Yall let's have a tea party for this


  8. Of course I don't mind it's your choice so yea end we will always support you and I wish I could join but I can't:') 👍

  9. Aaaaaaaahhh i wish i could get discord my parents never allowed me to get discord 🙁

  10. SLAYY omg tysm for having me in the video this was so fun🤩🤍💙

  11. (Advice)
    It doesn’t matter what your drawings look like. You Are still creative! With your Special Talents 👍🏽

  12. Wow indeed ✨✨
    Nvm u didn't 🙂

  13. Lavender's….rate my pony town's house,i play on the safe server and my nick is >GIRASSOL<

  14. I am the 63th commentt and 72th like

  15. Hi Lav it's ok if you quit Pony Town btw my besties mom is pregnant and it's a girl:D My mom asked my bestie what would you name you're baby sister? And my bestie said I'll name her Lavender🥰

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