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  1. Damn u sound even more like Vanossgaming. xD

  2. Try it’s pretty much the same game but it has more features and is easier to use 🙂

  3. please never stop uploading :<<< i love you rhpc!!!

  4. You have to enable the option use custom words exclusively for custom words

  5. oh wow this is like omgpop's draw something!

  6. Derek's laugh ❤✨❤✨❤🌸✨❤🌸✨❤

  7. Derrick laughing forever about the balloon was too funny! 😂

  8. derek laughing at everyone was the highlight of my boring quarantine day

  9. i lterally felt like i was watching vanoss in the intro
    edit: i was literally thinking that he will write "Hi I am Sean"

  10. I would have drawn someone surfing and then drawn an ace card for surface smh haha

  11. At the very first few seconds of the vid I actually thought it was Vanoss saying "Alright." Guess I was wrong.

  12. For surface i wouldve drawn someone surfing then ace as in. An ace card. Also this is the 400th comment. Yayayayay

  13. I thought I see Sean on the thumbnail so I clicked.

  14. i played skriblios for the first time with my friends and i let it auto pick my name and it it picked PREGNANT and i couldn’t change it

  15. For the first one I thought it was welcome to the clutch lmao

  16. Omg Ryan's mind… 4:23 I gave you a hint right at the end (barbe- cue ) hahaha

  17. When Ryan was drawing the Clown, Derek was laughing like The Joker

  18. lmao when Paco said “pancit”. also Will’s voice is so attractive ?!

  19. Who else was super mad when Ryan wasn't drawing a balloon?

  20. Pretty sure dereleek remembered the word Mount Rushmore from 1:35 but still, dat was hella fast

  21. omg after the ryan paco drama, i can tell that he was already so done with paco 💀

  22. why do you draw so hard like this seriously isn't fair for the rest of the players

  23. you are all so bad at that game …. i hope you never play again… for my sake

  24. I tried to play but someone swore so I left

  25. Derek laughing is sooooo contagious ong I love him 😭

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