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During our Join Avenue stream this week we decided to play a little Pokemon Pictionary game on Skribbl, we had to draw Pokemon from memory and everyone else in the game had to try and guess what it was!

Featured in the video:
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  1. That was great xD and i think choosing time just went out when you took slaking so it gave you sth random which was happiny because you were definitely on slaking ^^

  2. Please do more of this, this is the funniest shit.

  3. Twitch seems so cool! Haven't been on the site ever since January 2018. Maybe i should go back.

  4. I was laughing so hard at this 😀 Raikou, Latios, Happiny, Sunkern killed it. Air matress and pedobear 😀 I am done. Please do this again sometimes 🙂

  5. Just finished the stream with zombie paras

  6. these drawings were funny lol! plz do these more

  7. Now I can officially say that I’ve seen a bunch of angry Brits screaming at each other on Youtube

  8. "Calls me blood stupid, draws bloody yugioh cards" Dead

  9. Is the stream version somewhere else? Like where you are together with the other guys too?

  10. In the Great words of our lord Guzma "Y'all are stupid"

  11. This reminds me once when I drew a wobbeffut for some reason it was a really good drawing of it too

  12. Is this where showdown gets their april fools drawings from

  13. Haven't giggled at a video this hard in a while, please do more of these!!

  14. Christian losing his mind in the chat was hilarious.

  15. And now Lukey is actually going to get a gliscor 😉

  16. Ah yes, this featured two of everyone's favorite YouTubers: DuncanCantDie and ChristianCantSpell. Great show!

  17. luke laughs about how others draw ….his "pokemon" look like someone from kindergarten draw them…and that is an insult to children

  18. Patterz: only adds gen 1-4 mons
    Also Patterz: guesses gen 5 mons

  19. JD was bad ass at this back even back then lol

  20. poketubers being idiots forgetting pokemons… like vaporeon… that one was ez tho

  21. “Looks like a f**king plane”
    I mean It is based of a jet sooooooooooo

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