Professional ARTIST plays - CHEATING?- Part 2 -

Professional ARTIST plays – CHEATING?- Part 2

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Drawn and colored with my brushpack:

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  1. I played this game and few days ago and on my turn to draw I decided to draw stolas as a joke
    It was a joke and now it's a passion

  2. awhh omg your so cute and really good at drawing keep doing what you do!

  3. he does not sound english or american, where is he from?

    lg aus Österreich:)

  5. Grüße aus Deutschland, Danke für das Video… ❤️

  6. LMAO the Bob guy was saying Norwegian stuff lol like elephant red and rainbow lol

  7. It's ok my brother an I also wanna be Japanese (so my brother can watch anime non stop)

  8. Finally I was waiting for my fyp to have dis but I’m late to this 😶 I have less than 15mins to watch this masterpiece.

  9. Lmao i cant believe this video was so relatable XD i use my tablet too and some people said when i played it was cool but others said im cheating XD

  10. The broccoli would have been easier if you would have changed the color

  11. Habe mir vor dem Video noch nie gedanken drüber gemacht was Briefmarke heißt hahah

  12. He looks like a combination of pewdiepie and Jim gaffigan and I like it

  13. 7:57 Maybe a few people were from England so they did'nt knew this charger ending.

  14. He notices the text at the top
    Also he forgets after 0.01 seconds

  15. You:imma draw skull

  16. U must have had a lot of practice u are probably one of the best non – autodrawers in this game

  17. Word: 9 letters ends with r
    modauth: stamp?? *wrong* what?!? :0

  18. Ur so good at drawing! Keep up the good work!!

  19. The web parts in your room pictures in the background and your sweater/shirt/jacket

  20. I think some people purposely type in spelling errors

  21. Oh God, I randomly came over to this video and I really like it but I was so suprised when he said an German word :0 that's so surprising and impressive as a German person who didn't realize it the whole time.

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