Professional ARTIST plays - CHEATING?- Part 4 -

Professional ARTIST plays – CHEATING?- Part 4

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It’s lovely to watch documentaries while drawing or even better to get inspired by them to draw something!


  1. Looooooool hätte nicht gedacht, dass du deutscher bist XD. Hast zwar nen Akzent aber nicht typisch deutsch

  2. Man I want to get better at this stuff so I can draw my player’s dnd characters. Too bad I suck lol

  3. I only vote kick then they draw something inniproiate sorry if i spell it wrong but yea and i vote kick when they dont draw sometimes i wait for them to draw and if they taking long i had to

  4. Из Украины. Посмотрел все части на одном дыхании)

  5. I saw someone say "draw homer" lol. Someone watches vanoss

  6. Jest tam jakieś dziecko z polski co pisze, : torba itd.

  7. 4:00 "jak była wanna po angielsku?" (How was the bathtub in English?) I love this guy XDDD

  8. You didnt make Trump fat OR orange, would have been much much easier with color. same for the hulk, if you just drew the entire thing in green ppl would get it

  9. This guy is so holesome and fun to watch

  10. i don’t wanna be insulting but like professionals never call themselves professionals and from what i say like it’s not the best lmao

  11. Everyone looks in the gamechat to write a funny comment, am i right

  12. Fun fact: Squidward’s name in French is Carlos

  13. 11 seconds left:
    Him: Last second guys! Last second

  14. i donty know why people complain about pen, its a tool like the mouse, the but of the game is to make others guessing you drawing, theres no rules about tool -_- like guy its not because he draw like this with a pen that you could too , if he have the skill to draw on a pen, he couldve draw almost same with a mouse

  15. ppl always be hating on the players who draw detailed

  16. "Your using pc no fair" mouse is harder than finger

  17. Das deutsche wort für sauidward ist tintenfisch glaube

  18. You wrote man is a try hard and acted like somebody else wrote that lmao 😂

  19. plss, i shouldn't be laughing, but the struggle of this one polish person is just-💀 he was like: bathtub?, but what is bathtub in english lmaoo

  20. Yes get called a tryhard in a skill based game

  21. I use a wacom cintiq to draw. I mean, if I payed for it why not use it right? XD People are so salty in skribbl.

  22. Did I just find one of the most wholesome people while looking for skribblio

  23. draw with mouse is really hard or is it just me?

  24. My man saw ice and thought warm before cold. What a G.

  25. Ad/ Anzeige: Thanks to CuriosityStream! Get an entire year of CuriosityStream for just 14.99 with my promo code ‘modauth’ : Btw Who loves to watch documentaries while drawing as well?

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