Professional ARTIST plays - CHEATING?- Part 4 -

Professional ARTIST plays – CHEATING?- Part 4

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It’s lovely to watch documentaries while drawing or even better to get inspired by them to draw something!


  1. Thumbnail: “Your using pc no fair”
    The nerd in me: Wtf first of all using a pc has no advantage and you spelled you’re wrong bruh

  2. Is it just me thinks that he sounded like pewdiepie

  3. Bruh moment for those who didn't get excalibur immediately

  4. This guy is so nice he must be from canada

  5. Imagine if he drew handsome squidward when he searched it in google

  6. Your so positive love the content

  7. 1:13 I find it funny how carrot is the first food they thought of to draw in a blender. Not maybe an apple, or a strawberry, but a carrot. XD

  8. Bruh no one noticed that it says you:man a tryhard

  9. I was hoping he would've drawn handsome squidward. XD

  10. Anyone saw the guy that said fuck (i know this is a bad word)

  11. Man looks like a default nord who broke out of the game and found himself a fashion sense.

  12. I now know the German name for Squidward

  13. Everyone who disliked the video is mad at the trump drawing.

  14. Lol, i tried this with my drawing tablet but it was still bad ;v;

  15. I was sooooo mad when he couldn’t guess Excalibur

  16. 𝚇𝚡𝚡_ғᴀᴅᴇᴅᴍᴏᴏɴ says:

    Mouthad: That’s a cool ider

  17. I want to play with you on and I’m iPad and trash but I want to play with you bc my friends might think your a hacker or cheater but no your a drawing god

  18. Most of those random idiot player keep revealing the answer, so annoying and not fun.. These troll are just hopeless

  19. How is it unfair? You worked for the money, payed for the tablet and pen, AND you are a good artist. I don’t see why it’s “cheating” or “not fair”

  20. Professional artist is a big word. But u r horrible. Redrawing anime characters again and again doesnt make u artist. Real artist are teached to make good observation and getting it on paper. All your drawing are just teached schematics

  21. When he said its volcano but it actually Excalibur i feel like BRUHHHHHHH

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