Professional ARTIST plays - CHEATING?- Part 5 -

Professional ARTIST plays – CHEATING?- Part 5

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The lobbies are wild again. I’m back and missed playing it 🙂
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  1. When someone commissioned you to draw something and you ask for payment 8:51

  2. Tadpole is what we call baby frogs but it’s pre stage so before it has no tail

  3. You didn't blur everything… Bob said: Holy #### nice job :/

  4. I just see this in recommended for you and i enjoy it
    Great Content man keep it going <3

  5. You are one of the most in genuine nice wholesome person I’ve ever met

  6. Half the community in this game are just 9 year olds trolling and swearing

  7. 9:58 what the heck is that name and you forgot to blur it… Its on number 2

  8. Why are the sides blured sometimes

  9. i was neil on the first round in that camping one but i left to change my skin and name to yo yo cause i dont want to do my real name in the internet . glad to be on the channel

  10. Can you do a hand cam plz basically a camera on the iPad and you using the Apple Pencil drawing the word and I’m watching this because tomorrow my iPad Pro magic keyboard and the Apple Pencil is coming that’s why I’m watching I’m excited

  11. The drawings are good, but not that good

  12. dude people do that ;-; bad words thats bad

  13. [00FF00][DEATH NOTE][-][ffff00]

  14. how is using a pen cheating? wouldn't it be less of a cheat and more of a disadvantage since you are drawing the picture better. I would think that would make it easier to guess but idk.

  15. 9:08 bruh i feel bad for this dude when gets kicked and gets disliked when he didn't started drawing

  16. this guy calls people who say ' he ass jk' toxic, then idk what to say lol

  17. Tip: you can look at the top and see how many letters is in the word. That way you can guess a more accurate word.

  18. you look as gentelman and nice guy im new subsribed in you're channel


  20. Ya i really like playing the game a lot. Ive even made friends.
    Hey its me SHAzam, if ur out there somewhere, i want you to know you were the best gang ive played with in scribbl! Also hope u had a good date ennui!

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