Professional ARTIST plays - CHEATING?- Part 5 -

Professional ARTIST plays – CHEATING?- Part 5

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The lobbies are wild again. I’m back and missed playing it 🙂
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  1. it's ꧁MoustacheSecrets꧂ not moustache secrets says:

    You haven't heard of tadpole?! I got that one In my lobby
    And I haven't heard of most of these tho tbh, strange

  2. My guy never heard of a damn tadpole.

  3. It's hilarious how he blurred the word then right after in the chat someone says "p*rnhub was a good guess".

  4. Mo when Denji joins: Finally a worthy opponent our battle will be legendary!

  5. As you stated clearly – random users tend to be very toxic ( just like in other multiplayer games).That's why the safest is to gather ppl you know.

  6. Me Reading the thins at 7:58 but first pausing :
    Me seeing : bob : P.RNHUB was a good guess

  7. We all wonder how he doesn't know wat a tadpole is

  8. Its funny when you see there people talking your language

  9. This is really impressive. Came up on my recommended too

  10. I love this for the fact that this helps him understand English words better, and also he learns new words

  11. It’s not gay if you think his accent is cute we all think his accent is cute

  12. When this popped up in my recommendation..
    I liked this immediately.

  13. Hab dich jetzt erst aboniert gucke dich aber seit wochen 😛

  14. You forgot to censor the ice cream truck results now im just ded

  15. I love how he says "dwah" instead of draw cause of his accent lol

  16. This dude actually made cockroaches look cute. I hate cockroaches.

  17. NO HATE but if i was playing with him i would be amazed at his skills but it kinda ruins the fun.

    Shit drawing = more challenging = hilarious = more fun overall.

    You should have a handicap or sumn like only using the not dominant hand. Either way great content, great art👍

  18. 10:00 U need to pay more attention when censoring 😬 "f*** me daddy" r u kidding me

  19. 10:00 U need to pay more attention when censoring 😬 "f*** me daddy" r u kidding me

  20. Therapist: Don't worry, four-legged cockroaches aren't real, they can't hurt you
    Four-legged cockroach: 10:11

  21. 7:57 XD U MISSED OUT BOB SAYING A BAD WORD! F word and uhm…no

  22. Kannst du mal vielleicht ein Video auf deutsch machen? Wäre cool

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