Professional ARTIST plays - CHEATING? -

Professional ARTIST plays – CHEATING?

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  1. LOL, I swear I did some good drawings before I started recording 😀

  2. That kid : I dont like pen user
    Me : becuz they draw better than you?

  3. bro you need to get some sound proofing foam your voice and that room are a deeply unpleasant mix

  4. Bro they said draw that thing only when he drew face paint. HOW IS IT GONNA BE FACE PAINT IF HE INLY DRAWS THE PAINT

  5. bruh when someone draws really good i like it and compliment it, i didnt know people disliked and got mad for some reason 🙁

  6. The challenge is to capture the essence of your object as fast as possible. You didn't do that in any of these drawings, you started with non-important aspects of the drawing (for 6-pack, why start w the rest of the body??? For facepaint, why spend 2 hours on a face without paint?). It had nothing to do with detailing, this game is just not built to function well using art principles. References etc aren't useful and in fact only hinder you.

  7. If you want to win you need to stick so simple symbols. You drew a whole man for grumpy when you just needed an emoji.

  8. that's not cheating bc that's the whole point of the game

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