Professional ARTIST plays - I GOT RECOGNISED 😂 Part 6 -

Professional ARTIST plays – I GOT RECOGNISED 😂 Part 6

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  1. When your not early and still dont know what to say….

  2. Where are you from your defenetly not a Naitfspeaker?

  3. You should do a discord with your subscriber and play together. it will be fun

  4. Oh wow… I never looked at your subscriber count and figured you had around 10 million. Keep up the amazing videos! You totally deserve more.

  5. After the happy meal was done BOOM maccas add

  6. Hello it is me ,a lately consistent viewer of your videos, keep up the good work 👍, with love me the viewer to everyone.

  7. I just realised my brother was in this

  8. Idk what to say
    Just thanks for making vids , I love them 💞

  9. Tbh, I don’t know how you got on my recommendations but I am not complaining. I like you 😌

  10. You're so awesome! I want to play skribbl with you!

  11. my dog chase my father outside while i was watching this i chased my dog an entire block ,thank my dad was in a motorcycle

  12. I used to watch from part 2 and now there is part 6.

  13. Psst who needs high quality editor when there's share factory on ps4😄

    (God this comment is more depressing than you think)

  14. ah bro half the video is you talking about the video/an ad…

  15. I remember when i was playing i was looking up a picture of a star fruit and they kicked me now i know to tell everyone before i look up a picture so they don't kick me lmao.

  16. ・୨୧・❤️ ActuallyAnka ❤️・୨୧・ says:

    Moduath is the BEST!!!

  17. Pewdiepie took a break from his main channel and starting an art one 🙌 Good luck Felix!

  18. Have you guys noticed 2 bots : the white man and nicebot on many groups lol?

  19. the only game where you get insulted constantly…laughs in league

  20. I hate how people like this are so underrated, but other kids that bop their head up and down get 40 mill likes? 😐🔫

  21. are you german? and do u draw custom paintings?

  22. Idk if anyone saw in the chat, somone said in french "Send ass pics" 9:17

  23. i wish player would vote kick people that put the word or use haks, but they just want the win

  24. I was watching this at 12:30 am and I fell asleep with my neck up and my AirPods still in my ears.

  25. there was a french person asking someone else for nudes in the chat at 09:18 😭 h*rny people are a different breed fr

  26. hes like 'zeppelin' in the most german pronunciation 😀 love your vids!

  27. Fun content but let's be honest and don't put drawings that you didn't draw in this video as thumbnail please.

  28. I hoped in for scribble session just to remember that my tablet lags online and therefore drawing is not so comfortable there.

  29. This channel is so underrated, you deserve more subs!

  30. This guy has a Christian background and you know it by his personality he seems like a fun person to be around although we might get some words mixed up bc you know he’s German.

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