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Quackity And Karl Make Skribbl.io Hilarious…

Not GeorgeNotFound
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Quackity And Karl Make Skribbl.io Hilarious… This game is so funny!
We played Skribbl.io, a game where you have to draw a word and the other players battle to guess it the fastest! We chose the words ourselves so we ended up drawing some really weird things…

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This stream was so fun 🙂


  1. idk but is this another acc you have george or are you not george-

  2. When dnf comes up George answers right away and then starts thinking abt actually doing it irl and he blushes ✌🏻✌🏻

  3. why did we see George's vision in the start of the video

  4. 11:36 Just the fact that “Patches” was also added to the custom words melts my heart 🥺

  5. Doesn’t the blue green red orange thing represent George dream bad and fundy since those are the colour symbolisations

  6. Wait didn’t George say that he wrote the words? 😭 He put dnf in there

  7. Wait if George wrote them then he put in dnf 😳


  9. who's ur comfort streamer comment here :DD (mines tommy and quackity)

  10. yo he wrote the words so he wrote def:0

  11. I swear Dream has the biggest crush on George

    S I M P

  12. Обложка супер 🤣😂😆😄

  13. I was watching this video in my class (don’t ask why) and my mic was on unmute. You don’t wanna know what happened next-

  14. i played this game! i love it its free! i cant draw so pls dont hahaha me ;(

  15. At the second one Its Dream and George Literally

  16. gogy is colour blind so he cant see or touch or smell 😞

  17. Hi everyone, my name is TechnoChan. Im just an ordinary 21 year old minecraft player UwU. I like to stab orphan hehe

  18. Karl: Guesses everything even if it is a few lines
    Also Karl: ITs rEAllY HarD

  19. George looked soo cute when he knew it was dnf lol

  20. this is color for George

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