Ro Ghoul Skribblio 2.0 -

Ro Ghoul Skribblio 2.0

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Rogol but :troll:

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All the words we used : Kaneki, Touka, Nishiki, Yamori, Tatara, Eto, Kosshi, Lycan, Kakujira, Tsukiyama, Takizawa, Noro, Hinami, Clipped Wing, C-Katana, Narukami, Reaper, SSS Owl, J13, IXA, Kajiri, Demon Yamada, Rotten Fellow, Scorpion 1/56, Kura, Doujima, Kaika, Higher Mind, Ginkui, Aogiri, Chidori, Anteiku, Urie, Saiko, Ginshi, Tooru, Ejector, Skyfall, Concussor, Sacrifice, Kagune Shop, CCG, Ghoul, Specials, Quinx, Quinque, Kagune, YamoK2, HinaK1, KenK463, EtoK4, Amogus, Among Us, Sugoma, Ligma, Forgor, Sus, KosshiK2, LycanK2, TataraK2, ToukaK1

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  1. Cats voice is sexy bro what dafawk

  2. Day 9 of commenting that we need custom kagune!

  3. Thank you. Your an amazing YouTuber and make great content. You deserve alot more credit and should be alot more popular

  4. Not gonna lie, the Lycan you drew was lit.

  5. Super cat u are my inspiration u are my favorite YouTuber. I hope I can be as good as u.

  6. Not gonna lie thumbmail is getting worst after the roblox shutdown

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