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Rob’s 200 IQ Drawings! (

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We played some Skribbl with the Dadcraft crew this week, check it out! It felt good to flex my pictionary muscles (or lack thereof) again.



  1. Damn Asterix is so good. A shame you don't know it

  2. NL bein high af ??? "Like everything from a baby perspective" "this kid like 3 y/o seems ancient" xD

  3. "Minkus is playing the fish"

    One of the funniest NL lines in history

  4. Watching king of the hill in Texas must be very different than watching it from Canada

  5. I have a party size bag of munchies and I'm only eating the pretzels.

  6. dude you looked so sad with yourself after the ferrari/ferrero roche joke

  7. Can't wait for Luna to dunk on me at the local court when covid is over

  8. Wake the fuck up, Bobby. We’ve got charcoal users to burn.

  9. "OHHH, its Among Us!" Yes RyEgg, it is Among Us.

  10. As someone who is rooting for NL to win, his inability to get a sizable lead on Skadj gives me great anxiety

  11. "I believe Paul McCartney is playing the baby" might be my favorite sentence to come out of an NLSS.

  12. i cannot believe 4 different people said corn cat, this says a lot about society

  13. I have a new drinking game where whenever NL mentions his kid in a video you take a shot. Works like a charm

  14. Dangit Bobby, all you had to do was follow the train!

  15. More Chib please I like having a fellow kiwi in the videos! 🙂

  16. I love that NL is going ham this year so far

  17. "Cyberpunk Hank Hill" is a great description of Terminator.

  18. Kory's laugh at NL's Crash Bandicoot drawing brings me pure joy

  19. Don't encourage that man's god awful Hank Hill impression.

  20. Is it just that NL and Skadj are the smartest of the group, or is it more that they know their friends best?

  21. Instead of just going for a drawing of a corndog eggy boy decides to put the dog filter over some corn…900 IQ made me laugh. I love you egg.

  22. NL doing the impression of the Hank Hill character that I can't remember the name of was gold

  23. Northernlions “HE’S ORANGE!?!” Is just perfect

  24. i will die happy with these videos for the rest of my life

  25. The Kong Of The Hill bit had me rolling. 😂

  26. Stink lines are anti-grav because your body heat creates small convection currents and a slight updraft that pulls air up to the top of your head. So all smells float if you're hot enough.

  27. I can't believe they guessed corn cat and not corn dog.

  28. “Asterix” is not how you spell Asterisk (*)

    Apparently its a comic book character.

    And asterixis is a type of hand tremor.

  29. Ryan's drawing at starting at 22:10 is so cursed but sooo good you cant knock him for it

  30. When you're thinking Donnie Darko when NL says it, you know you're on another level

  31. Oh no, moments of this video are so very very horrible and so very very terrible.

  32. tfw you draw a sentient asterisk instead of the comic character Asterix, lol

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