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This video was streamed by RTGame, originally titled “let’s become artists”, and was broadcasted at August 29th 2020

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RTGame streams on his Twitch channel on Wednesday & Thursday at 7pm, Saturday & Sunday at 3pm. All times are based in Ireland.

This channel is not run by RTGame, but is done so with his permission. If you want to contact me, please add me on Discord: poespas#6322


  1. Insert Boston accent here that’s a lobsta


  3. That happens when there's too many people in the server.
    Just a suggestion, best time to play is when no one else is during work & school.
    Also. I dont think they'll FULLY fix the servers because they're planning to make Among Us 2 & is gonna shut down the servers when they stop getting players, just in case you didnt know this already

  4. I usually can't catch the streams. So what does he mean by people can press the fish before the stream mean?

  5. Just saying you can spellcheck your answers

  6. “Why do you just have a kazoo at the ready?”
    Me with my kazoo watching this: 👁👄👁

  7. Lately I've been using this to help with my sleeping. Rt has a very soothing voice. Thank you for uploading these streams, and if Rt is reading this, thank you for brightening my life. I hope you stay safe.

  8. mad irishman lives out his dream to become a painter

  9. “Thanks for the hype train. I haven’t even done anything yet”

    Says the guy who puts out a bunch of banger content. A hype train is incredibly weak compared to what we should give

  10. the one and only legendary jellyfish27 says:

    Me who also has a kazoo next to me( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  11. Inb4 "please dont lie in this game it makes it harder for me to win"

  12. 1:26:22
    So I legitimately thought the answer was "China" and that the hint was "China numba 1"

  13. The fact that almost nobody got Thor genuinely upset me. I guessed that instantly and was just sitting yelling at my phone XD

  14. i thought the powder one was meant to be dynamite and i felt so smart 🗿

  15. 2:04:04 a flying shiny silver afid bug thing landed on my screen and I missed the joke

  16. this was the stream that i subscribed 😀 not that important but it makes me happy lol

  17. I lost it at the chest hair one 😂😂😂

  18. Everyone got on RT for thinking it was always "arse", but can we get some recognition for Kai guessing "computer" every single round? That's dedication.

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