Scuba Diving in the GREAT BURIAL REEFER ( Funny Moments) -

Scuba Diving in the GREAT BURIAL REEFER ( Funny Moments)

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  1. It's not Doctor Robotic, its Doctor Eggman.😂

  2. 10:52 if there's a strain of weed called the great burial reafer plz let me know thx

  3. ya dude les smonk sum dat Great Burial Reefer XD

  4. Rip Tommy. He smoked too much of the Great Burial Reefer.

  5. Wildcat draws a homer *

    Smii7y oh its squidword

  6. 8:47

    10:15 Bro! Tommy he smoked so much he died.
    Dude Were gonna have a Great burial reefer for his ass dude!

  7. Sea turtle from nemo was on the great bauril reefer

  8. Shit now I need to rebrand my shit to the great burial reefer

  9. These make me laugh so hard man idk what it is but my stomach hurts from Tyler and jiggly

  10. i always come back to this video to laugh my ass off just as hard as the first time at the end.

  11. Why does Smii7y hate Homer drawings

  12. Bruh is that what some people call their pubic hair? The Great Burial Reefer

  13. I lost it once it got silent and all I hear is "reefer dude"

  14. Tryna eat cerial while watching this😂

  15. Jiggles laugh makes me want to punch him in the face lol

  16. Who’s Angelina Jolie? And why are they making fun of her lips?

  17. i can’t tell if that’s a blunt or a straw in the turtles mouth in the thumbnail

  18. A Burial Reefer is one you smoke the ashes of someone who passed.

  19. 1:18 I’ve watched this video several times, but I’m just now noticing that the arrow is drawn at the same time as each part of the rimshot of the drums is played

  20. Jiggle’s laugh is a global treasure

  21. Me noticing theres a great “barrial reefer leaf” in the thumbnail😂

  22. This is still funny as hell 2 years later.

  23. Wildcat first this is funny as hell and love the art of the video

  24. The fact that in 2019 there were still people who called Eggman: Robotnik.

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