Scuba Diving in the GREAT BURIAL REEFER ( Funny Moments) -

Scuba Diving in the GREAT BURIAL REEFER ( Funny Moments)

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No one reads this far into the description…what are you doing snooping around…


  1. I hope wildcat sees this


  2. Not drawing homer with vanoss same SAME!!!!

  3. I didnt know you still knew how to play anything but fortnight

  4. All the comments say great burial reefer must have been funny

  5. I was just checking how long I have been subbed to some YouTubers AND holy shit wildcat I have been subbed to you marcel and vannoss for about 6 years (Btw there is a way to check how long)

  6. I haven't laughed so hard at one of his videos in such a long time

  7. Omg I laughed so hard I was crying…🤣😂😢🤣😂😢

  8. That kylie is killing me if kylie see dis you don son

  9. Yay a non fortnite video

    Sad thing is it will only get a third of the views

  10. Top original content on the platform mate

  11. I can see it… the end.

    You’re running out of content

  12. Am I the only one who thought Clavicle when the word was shoulder? Same amount of letters and everything 😂

  13. 4 publicity in a 10 minutes video geeezzz man chill

  14. Im totally gonna start growing a strain of weed and call it that now. If anyone lives in San Antonio and you want some hmu lol

  15. 5:45 at first sight I thought it was the guy on the Pringles can

  16. Jiggles laugh at the very end is so funny lol

  17. Vanoss infected wildcat with homeritis

  18. Look guys, content. Not Fortnite. XD

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