Sending Santa A Postcard - Skribblio Funny Moments! -

Sending Santa A Postcard – Skribblio Funny Moments!

Daithi De Nogla
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Santa better get me a good present this year

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  1. I feel defensive right cuz I’m Asian and there’s always Asian things in here but in not from China I’m Hmong

  2. Nogla are you still writing songs? Cause it'll be cool if you make another one and make a video for it like you did the last one

  3. As a singaporean, im going to wildcats channel

  4. I didn't know yall know Singapore since I'm from there

  5. If you look at the thumbnail you will see that every letter is mirrored but only the letters of Santa are reversed making it spell atnaS

  6. jiggly: says monggoloid

    Mr. worldwide

  7. You should sing your love from 4 years ago that song is so beautiful

  8. I love how for pirate he dres a zoro luffy mix when trying to make the hat shaped like a straw hat and the scar on the. I swear he was tring to make a zoro luffy mix..

    U know ur a weeb when you see anime in everything

  9. Hi Nogla I love ur videos and when I come home from a stressful day at school I come home and watch ur videos and they make me laugh and feel better thank you.
    P.S Noglas editor you are amazing

  10. Haha Vaniss still made it onto the description lol

  11. I like how in the end vanoss popped up Outta nowhere 😂

  12. Singaporeans for the wiiin.
    I'm surprised that it's a word option.

  13. What’s the name of the song that started playing when Nogla was doing Sandstorm???

  14. Imtohightotypwellbutifyouareabletounderstandjustsayboi👌

  15. Well shit, I know whose channel I'm going to after this

  16. 9:15 got that grandia 2 sound track I see ('Commercial City of Liligue' if any one is asking)

  17. I actually live in Singapore and the way nogla spelled it made me roll on the floor laughing

  18. Im going to wildcats channel and bringing all my singaporean friends with me

  19. Y'all gotta admit, Nogla's video hits differently mahn!!😂

  20. Heh thats weird when I saw the friend list there is vanoss there why in the video vanoss not there?

  21. I am actually from Singapore but I won't be offended what you just said

  22. I love how wildcat wasn't mad about the way nogla did the goat because he called wildcat the Greatest Of All Time

  23. Marcel: draws a weird monkey with a long dong in a cage
    Nogla: Shouting What kind of monkey is that?!
    Kryoz: You wanna find out?
    Nogla: Silently …no…….

  24. “Tree, gotta be a tree, gotta be a nose , gotta be ears, gotta be an eggg”

    I’m crying 😂

  25. Bee movie game part 2 NOW or I will unsubscribe

  26. Aight imma head to Wildcats Channel. 🤣🤣🤣 just kidding Nogla

  27. Hey I’m going to Ireland for Christmas, and I’d like to know what type of foods are there since I’m a picky eater

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