SEXY HOT TWITCH GRILLS... ( Funny Moments) -


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  1. When he said “Tyler you love this place” one of the only things he guessed was “strip club” just strip club😂

  2. Wildcat had some bad flashbacks with the Poke drawing.

  3. Why does kryoz always sound depressed? 🤔

  4. Narwhals with Jetpacks

  5. Im 15 and im smarter than a youtuber feels good

  6. Wait grills.i though it said girls from the thumbnail

  7. Why is scotty screaming a lot for no fuckin reason..?

  8. Why did he not choice Michael Jackson

  9. @ 2:37, i saw "angry bird," and i thought you were gonna pick i was thinking maybe you would draw an angry vanoss..

  10. On the thumbnail you should’ve put John on the screen

  11. Kryoz is the reason antidepressant medication and suicide prevention hotlines exist.

  12. Rumor has it, the laughs gradually get louder throughout the video

  13. Ty you missed kyroz he said in the chat cock tower

  14. Am I the only one who always forgets that bryan is irish?

  15. What's with that thumbnail though. It had nothing to do with the video. You guys didn't even draw a woman. Also, why is Brian mesmerized too? Isn't he gay?

  16. At 3:53 you know he cut the video on Michael Jackson because he drew something demonizing

  17. Scotty becoming anakin skywalker with the "I hate you!!"

  18. Just when you thought there couldn’t be anyone who’s a worst guesser than Nogla, along comes Scotty. 😅

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