but I can't stop drawing Minecraft things - Funny Moments - but I can’t stop drawing Minecraft things – Funny Moments

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  1. 4:13
    SMii7Y: "And you come across something you've never seen before"
    Other guy: "A pedophile?"

    Little did he know… they were in a game with one…

  2. People who r watching this in 2021 and see the Jigglypanda had 2020

  3. Is the minecraft thing. The new homer?

    Edit: low key just realised how old the vid is. is this the older homer meme 🤣

  4. "The word was margarine, and you start out with the guy is dead" fucking love that quote

  5. 6:31 oddly similar to Dream’s face, purely coincidence as this video was uploaded two months before Dream’s first.

  6. I saw the face of God, and it was SQUARE! IT WAS SQUARE

  7. 3:29

  8. 2:22 skonklverve, it is the autistic steve and stove combined

  9. me going back to watch old videos and realizing Mini's in them is really annoying, he really tainted so many great videos.

  10. Imagine you have been asleep for years you wake up to hear ….so your in minecraft…..

  11. Never the fact he drawed Luigi wrong but he spelled it lugi

  12. u know smii7y, ur friend yellowcunt said 'allahuakbar' right? u should censored that, cuz some people are sensitive u know

  13. I thought the Luigi one was Lenny from the simpsons

  14. at 4:20 jiggle has encountered one before LMAO BEST PART IS HE IS PLAYING WITH HIM

  15. Not me watching this video the day after the 20th anniversary of 9/11

  16. He can sooo put this in a prediction compilation because Minecraft made such a big come back

  17. Cpt. Mystic Stirling: Memes & Gaming 😜 says:

    “So you’re in Minecraft”

    PTSD of creeper noise

  18. 10:32 it finished me when he said what the key feature here and after you can hear his massive p word 🤣🤣

  19. if i could like this video everytime i watched it i could carry ur whole career smii7y

    "a pretty impressive K/D" just kills me LEMMAOO 10:30

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