but I can't stop drawing Minecraft things - Funny Moments - but I can’t stop drawing Minecraft things – Funny Moments

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  1. 3:20 but "prying on little kids life's and diddling children" doesn't fit.

  2. Ok so your in mincraft and you see something that you have never seen.

  3. Pedoladd should’ve chose grooming for my career word

  4. b r u h

    Why does blarg not know anything about minecraft

  5. "Is it a pedophile?"

    Jiggily predicted the future.

  6. The thing i love abt smii7y is consistency like i still watch the old golf it vids and same satisfaction.

  7. SMii7Y: "what is that, Elmo"

    also SMii7Y: "INHALES"

  8. Boys got me wheezing like the "look at this dude" guy

  9. 3:25 at that point where smii7y type that word i couldn't stop thinking about Dream saying
    "I got that on reddit"

  10. title says Minecraft but somehow involves 9/11 and Hitler jokes craziest cross over ever.

  11. i got mr. meeseeks in pretty much 5 seconds

  12. I laughed so hard at Lugi that it took five years off of my life… and water came out me nose.

  13. With the Windows logo you just flipped thetop row and turned it 90 degrees clockwise
    Red Green
    Blue Yellow

  14. 3:17 “My Career” what career? after what happened, i don’t think there is one

  15. Who else new it was meeseeks when he drew the eyes ._. I did 😂😅

  16. 6 was sacred of 7 and 8 but why was 10 scared………..because he was in between

  17. Dr. Mcdinglepoopoofart
    Help my brain is slowly degrading into sludge

  18. ”Everytime you kill somebody, you put one of these under your belt.”
    ”A felony?”

    9:31 ”The word is Margarine, yet you started out with So the guy is dead.”

  19. Me:calm and watching the video
    Someone out of nowhere: L U G I

  20. Ever just go to watch an old video go see a YouTube you used to like and watch but find out they are a Pedophile and it's just makes you sad

  21. VanossGaming drawing Homers
    SMii7Y drawing minecraft

  22. The video I got an ad for a zombie game it’s still all the characters trying to commit suicide

  23. That's his fat pickle kills me everytime lmao

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