, But Nogla Is Sad And Just Wants To Snuggle With His Teddy Bear -, But Nogla Is Sad And Just Wants To Snuggle With His Teddy Bear

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  1. Lv ur vids keep it up big fan 👍🙂😎🤩😂

  2. "His WiFi" wouldn't have been funny at all if everybody didn't immediately get it. ^_^

  3. Hey so machinima has no videos at all

    Anyone else think that's weird?

  4. Little did Nogla know Delirious steals the teddy bear and adds it to the collection.

  5. Nogla with a teddy bear, aye delirious is gonna be mad as hell

  6. Unfortunately the dutch woman remark is irrefutable. Not too much going on over here in the Netherlands (jk much respect)

  7. UFOs mainly take cows. When do you ever see a pig?

  8. The last minute of the video is the best!
    Vanoss: "I know your still here brock!"
    Moo: "dang it."

  9. That was weird, Vanoss said yogurt as I’m eating yogurt

  10. 11:22
    “WHY, THIS GUY IS A… Oh, "this guy's a"- I am a diva, you're right.”

  11. I never knew Brian and Nogales live in a potato

  12. Legend says that moo is still waiting for that crown

  13. vanoss: “i know you’re still in here brock”
    brock: “dang it” 😂

  14. Uh oh, first homer, then peter, than pringles now Sad Nogla

  15. Damn say what you want about that Vanoss guy but he sure does know his plugs.

  16. Evan was right, that is an Aussie outlet 😂😂

  17. Moo couldve won if he got the last one as the first to guess

  18. That stupid place Florida I am from Florida and I am offended lol

  19. Poor Moo just wanted to win but Vanoss wouldn't let him 😥😂❤

  20. I want to share a drink with Nogla :C

  21. at 11;09, look real close to the screen. can see anthony

  22. Legend has it theyre still there to this day

  23. I know this is a day late but man am I grateful you exist. Today was really hard for me but watching your video gave me a smile and a thousand laughs:) ❤️

    Best 16:04 minutes ever

  24. I couldn't stop it on Anthony on 11:09 with o.25x
    It was still fast

  25. Evan saying "could be yogurt" is my new favorite thing

  26. 13:17 you can’t tell me that Brian isn’t laughing EXACTLY like Umbridge from AVPM

  27. Awww! I'd give poor lil Nogla a hug!! I'd be his snuggle bear when he's sad! XD

  28. Guarantee Noglas energy would be there if it was Uno

  29. Not gonna lie, I’d want to cuddle that teddy bear

  30. The homer drawings in these videos never get old lol

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