but Warframe (ARTFRAME) - but Warframe (ARTFRAME)

Better Name Pending
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Taken from a few Saturday Discord sessions.Suffice to say, we are very artistic. In short, we have artism.
The game: — You can put in custom words for the game to select from: if you want, you can just grab the list of words we used instead of making one yourself:

✦ Music list:
♩♫ circus.mp3 (“Cephalon Felinis#2509”)

♩♫ Circular Thought (Ethan Sloan – ES)
♩♫ Brain Spook (Mike Franklyn – ES)

✦ Twitter:
✦ Discord:

#Warframe #Skribblio #Art


  1. Don’t mind me just listening to Heil dir Sigerskranz

  2. 6:45 I would like to know the name of this song, can somone help? (I tried to search all songs in the video description, but was unable to find this one…idk).

  3. A weird an unexpected video, but a very enjoyable one! The lenght was just right too, so it didn't get boring!

  4. I feel like I did a great job drawing Bricky

  5. The Red Veil one was too easy, the edge too much


  7. Warframe needs their own version of this in-game so we finally have an endgame

  8. More useless high quality content!
    I can recognize it from the background's aqua color!!!

  9. Where is the drawing of the MIGHTY SEER?


  11. still draws better than me on any drawing app

  12. Lmao I figured out its host migration almost as fast as Meso. Truly the 200 IQ pic.

  13. Big brain section?? No no no no no
    It's Big brain….

    erection 🙃

  14. Just you wait

    DE is gonna turn this into an actual game mode

  15. 3:12 ah yes, when you relic fissure and someone not complete the reactant

  16. i can't believe nobody can spell bolarola XD

  17. Its soo good!Make so more videos like this.You make very good warframe videos, thank you.

  18. 2:06 – loki / ash ("press 2" gameplay)
    6:33 – warframe reload his hema when running at the extraction point after succesful greneer galleon sabotage ಠ_ಠ

  19. 1:01 I have not been more proud of anything I have drawn… I regret nothing but what Cataclysm may have in store for me.

  20. At 4:20 no body could guess host migration that was my first guess also this game is hilarious when everybody is sh*t at drawing

  21. Careful, DE might watch this and make a drawing sidegame in Warframe instead of work on new war

  22. The Red Veil one is literally an ingame screenshot.

  23. This is genius. How has nobody thought of this before?

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