Funny Moments - Let's Go See STANA Claus! - Funny Moments – Let’s Go See STANA Claus!

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  1. Did vanoss mis apell santa and put stana there? Or it the video name?

  2. John got less than 2000 points that whole game?

  3. That Thor looked a lot like the swinger from the LA Lakers

  4. I would like a Chezebugah with a veef beffer pattie, please.

  5. “Everything is within seconds…”

  6. This is one of the biggest groups on Vanoss gaming

  7. Vanoss is gonna be a Mom now, ima call her… Vanessa..

  8. i woke up with my legs up on the wall

  9. I get way to happy when I see Basically in his videos. Like, you know it gonna be some great content.

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